News Analytics system

RAZOOM news analytics allows individual users and external resources such as news portals and trading platforms to filter the news space. Our product can be used both in individually mode, as an assistant, and integrated into your resources by API.
We use a combination of core and neural network to detect fakes.



Fake news is not only direct misinformation but also a change in emphasis, a silence of details, strengthening of the emotional series with a strong lack of facts

From 2017 to 2018 growth of 37%


Our main goal – make the news space transparent


RAZOOM news analyzer was created to provide users with a tool that helps them to quickly and more reliably filter real from fake news.

RAZOOM CORE allow determines the following parameters of the text:

  • emotional coloring
  • rating of use of words, lemmas, synonymous chains
  • instinct prevalence rating
  • presence and grouping of logical predicates


RAZOOM CORE will provide comprehensive information on any text, whether it is news or business letter.


Neural network defines the following parameters of a news texts:

  • patterns in the alternation of words in the construction of phrases
  • specialized vocabulary inherent in fake texts
  • characteristic phrases


Our neural system recognizes fake news from 75 to 95% and the results are constantly improving.

RSS analysis is your navigator in the sea of information, take from RSS channels only the “grain of truth”


Cases of using RAZOOM news analytics system


News analyzer (for news portals, news aggregators and PR departments)

  • Evaluation of articles on competitors’ portals
  • Selection of current news for subsequent links to them
  • Marking published news (true/fake)

  Traders portals and Stock or Crypto exchanges:

  • Evaluation of news affecting the movement of quotations
  • Analysis and forecast of quotes
  • Trader assistant

Advertising companies:

  • Customer News Monitoring
  • Fast response to negative and support positive background