What we do


We create teams to solve your business goals through Agile software development.

Each project that we take into implementation passes binding steps that guarantee success.

Preparatory stage

  • Project charter

The main project document, which details the agreements between the parties, fixes the time and expected budget of the project.

  • Project concept

General understanding of work in the future system. The concept of creation based on business cases and describes the entire process of working in the system. At this stage, the foundation of the project is laid, the requirements, the expected result and the constraints are described.


  • Team formation

We create a team of existing and new developers hired for the project, which are best suited for the implementation of the project concept.

  • Technical design

All your requirements for the system will be clearly fixed: system logic, integration, interface, and test cases necessary for transferring the system to expulsion.

  • First online meeting with the customer

Conducting an organization meeting with the participation of the customer’s representative on which takes place the acquaintance with the team , discussion of the schedule and general principles of holding meetings in accordance with the Agile standard.


  • Iterative development

According to Agile standard, the development is carried out by equal time iterations, called Sprint. At the end of each sprint a meeting is held, on which the list of tasks for the next sprint is determined. Participation in these meetings of the customer guarantees that he has an understanding of the progress and direction of the project, and also allows him to make his wishes before their implementation will require regress of the project.

  • Prototyping

At a certain iteration, together with the client, a decision is made to commit the functionality, but the product may not have a final design. This version is necessary for the initial break-in by the test group.

  • Test operation

The test group of users passes test-cases and the use the product in free mode, then compiles a list of wishes and suggestions for optimizing. Based on the user lists, a list of revisions agreed with the client is compiled.

  • Publish first version

After the fixes in accordance with the revision list, the first version of the product is publish.


  • Documenting and training admins

Creating of instructions for users and administrators, as well as video tutorials. Training of administrators.

  • Experienced operation

Within a certain time (usually 2 weeks), our employees closely monitor the use of the product by users, if necessary, provide prompt assistance, including using remote access, then list of revisions agreed with the client is compiled.

  • Publish first update

After the fixes in accordance with the revision list, the first update of the product is publish.

Support and evolution

  • Technical support

Our team provides full technical support in accordance with the SLA.

  • Analitics of use

During the use of the product, user feedback is collected, as well as the wishes of administrators about the usability of the product.

  • Optimization suggestions

Based on the collected information and analysis of product efficiency, Razoom specialists create a list of recommendations for improving the product.