What we did


Platform for writing, executing, arbitrating, guaranteeing the standardization of smart contracts with the application of artificial intelligence, usable and simple graphical interface on all types of OS, helper (question-answer system) in natural language, with its own “ecosystem” and messenger.


Fresh tunes

Rights and royalties are yours and will stay that way forever. Whatever you earn from the music stores you get, we don’t take a cut. We genuinely support independent artists and want them to have healthy and successful careers.



Architecture mobile app ant set of software products based on the idea of automating three main stages of work with drawings of real estate: onsite measurements, processing drawings on a desktop (at office), as well as teamwork with a drawing in the web environment (storing, sharing, viewing, etc).



Web service of cadastral engineers. When preparing electronic documents for real estate registration by state standards, we propose to use our web service. To work properly, you need a any browser and access to the global network. Using the web services of the Farpoint, the cadastre engineer can generate twelve different types of xml files, including boundary and technical plans and automatically send to the state registration service of real estate with receipt of confirmation of registration.



Brainboost neurofeedback offers all common forms of neurofeedback for medical indications. EEG research has shown that brain wave patterns and clinical pictures or rather symptoms are frequently correlated with each other. The detection and the change in these patterns as a result of the training can therefore positively influence many symptoms. Originally and above all utilized in the treatment of ADD/ADHD and epilepsy the application fields of neurofeedback were extended enormously.



NanoJPG uses computer vision to smart-compress your photos. Your photos become much lighter and lose no visible quality. Your photos stay 100% compatible with the JPG format. The optimal level is the compression level at which there is no visible degradation of your photos but maximum compression of their weight in KB. Typically you can expect your photos to be between 5 and 10x less heavy.