About company

Company RAZOOM Pte Ltd incorporated in Singapore and is part of the holding:

  • RAZOOM Corp Ltd (Hong Kong)
  • RAZOOM Pte Ltd (Singapore)

The company develops platform for writing, executing, arbitrating, guaranteeing the standardization of smart contracts with the application of artificial intelligence, usable and simple graphical interface on all types of OS, helper (question-answer system) in natural language, with its own “ecosystem” and messenger.

We use a visual algorithmic programming and modeling language. Powered by distributing device and own blockchain. It has gateways for interacting with other databases. The platform is the operating system and interface for writing smart contracts for any business process (contract) by ordinary Internet users and holders of crypto-currencies.

The platform is used in making automated transactions (wagers, contracts), using encryption based on blocking technology. Automation of smart contracts is based on the operation of predicates of first-order logic that serves to categorize information in the RaZOOM database and is used as the basis for managing the interface for drawing up contracts.

Our platform unites the world of real data, the world of crypto currency and the world of ordinary money (fiat). Smart contracts on our platform can be executed in the environments of digital currencies and fiat money.

RAZOOM PTE LTD. 10 Anson Road. N29-05A International Plaza. Singapore 079903

Our team

Our team employs specialists who have extensive experience working with complex projects. We work with Agile Project Management. In the formulation of tasks we use the product Jira. Technical specifications are developed using the Drakon system.

  • Agile – the approach of innovative rethinking of the creation of a new product or service. It is based on a very simple idea: every participant in the process, every employee of this “assembly line” should be involved in the process of rethinking their tasks and the common cause. Everyone can stop the conveyor and make their own rational proposals. The Agile method involves involving all participants in the software development process, leaving the participants with the usual competencies. This approach allows us to understand that they all work for the same ultimate goal – a quality product for their customers.
  • Jira – is a commercial bug tracking system designed to interact with users and manage projects. Each project participant can monitor the planning of tasks and the timing of their implementation in the special office of the project www.razoom.in. JIRA is the leader in the flexible project management segment. Our company has been using this development control system for two years already.
  • The Drakon system is a visual specification language from the Russian space program. We use his logic in writing technical problems and his rules for optimizing logical processes.

The founder and creator of RAZOOM technology.

Researcher of Big Data.

Architect of artificial intelligence.

KONSTANTIN MISIUTIN The founder of the group of companies RAZOOM. Director of RAZOOM Singapore.

RAZOOM is a linguistic neural network for solving problems of creating electronic contacts


Co-owner of the group of companies RAZOOM Singapore and Hong Kong.

He was engaged in development of network solutions for public and private companies.

Director of sales of telecommunications company.

Since 2010, Media Director of the professional sports team.

VALERY KLIMOV Director of RAZOOM Singapore and Hong Kong

Conclusions about the realized contract, made by AI become a source of hints to other users. There is a question-answer system, chats, instant messages and a social network.


Business development, sales & marketing professional with over 18 years in FMCG and commodity business in China, Singapore and Asia-Pacific.
Fully fluent in Chinese, English and Russian. Worked in Uralkaliy, BIC Stationery Co., Gallina blanca Europe food Co., Commaster CO. LTD, on key regional postions.
The Founder and the President (2008-2013) of the Russian Club in Singapore.


Integration of the AI and blockchain-driven smart contracts has huge commercial potential. China and Singapore prove to be pioneers in adopting the new IT technologies, including E-commerce and building smart-nation. I believe that China and Singapore will be also early adopters of the smart contracts backed by blockchain technology.


The experience of the developer for more than 12 years and 7 of them in the position of architect. Professional programmer in Python, C ++ / C, C #, Java, JS. Participated in the development of dozens of large information systems with a wide range of technologies.


Performing fork ETHEREUM, maintaining the architecture, we limit the use of SOLIDITY language.


2014 -2017 was the head of the department of linguistics RAZOOM (Hong Kong).

ARTEM MISYUTIN Head of the Department of Linguistics.

There is specialized language of predicate logic related to complex linguistic RAZOOM GRAF based architecture.


Our community

Our consultants are one of the most expensive assets. We use the services of specialists in all fields that affect our platform.